[xquery-talk] the market of XQuery

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Thu Jun 18 11:00:17 PDT 2015

> (3) XQuery as an integration/orchestration language between systems on the Web
> ===============================================================
> That would be one of the main usages of XQuery.
> (A) high
> (B) high
> (C) high
> (D) very low
> (E) low
> Overall score: good one. 
> This COULD be one of the first growth areas for XML and XQuery.
> However, data integration is more a problem of services rather then licenses, and hence it’s  hard to make 
> money out of it. (There is a good old saying: “once you’ve seen a data integration problem, well, you seen
> only ONE data integration problem”. It’s not a repeatable process most of the time… hence the services..
> hence not repeatable revenue…. 
> …. hence not good margins.
> Well, only a company with a very good strategy can make a business success in this area.

However, I forgot to mention one thing: in this area there is a misalignment between XQuery and the need.

Aka, bad product/market fit.

In order to satisfy the data integration/orchestration need, XQuery needs two extensions :
(a) a scripting extension and
(b) good support for JSON  (as data on the web will come in two flavors, XML and JSON)

So, will we see XQuery successful here ? Yes, maybe, who knows, some proprietary extensions of it …


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