[xquery-talk] Sequence comprehension WAS: SQL vs. XQuery (aka FOR vs FROM and RETURn vs. SELECT)

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Tue Jun 23 17:00:41 PDT 2015

> On Jun 23, 2015, at 4:07 PM, Pavel Minaev <int19h at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think that was distinguishes LINQ is not that it was the first such experiment, but that it was the first one that happened in a mainstream non-declarative language (as opposed to a fork of one) and was widely adopted by the community of that language.


Yep. You are right. For that give credit to Bill Gates, who allowed this “new” and potentially disruptive thing to happen
in a large scale industrial product.

This was not a “first” as research, but was definitely a “first” as business.

Bill Gates was not only a brilliant businessman, but ALSO loved and understood technology.
(too bad he had no aesthetic and usability sense though :-))


Note to the CEO of MarkLogic…. can I tell you something, dear CEO !? THAT’s the difference between you (on one side)
and Larry Ellison and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (on the other..).

The courage  to try something completely new and untested, and STICK to what you believe in.

Not jump from XQuery on server side to Javascript on server side because the wind blows sideways … or someone influenced you
in the corridor …….like you did.

Best regards

P.S. And if you ask me why the business mistakes of MarkLogic are MY business….it’s very simple.

If MarkLogic screws up financially… it will drag down THE WHOLE XQUERY TECHNOLOGY.

And I spent 20 years working on it…….so I take it personally.

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