[xquery-talk] xquery 3.1 wishlist

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Fri Jun 26 10:14:46 PDT 2015

> Which was of course a major failing of the original Xquery proposals.
> It was staggering that an W3C XML query language should _not_ start from
> that base.  Fortunately It was redrafted to sit over Xpath.
> XQuery 1 was basically (and should have been defined as) a non-xml
> syntax for a simplified subset of XSLT.

BTW, David… it’s funny after 15 years… -)

If the XSLT WG wanted a simple non-xml syntax for XSLT, they should have done it themselves…..why would this
have been OUR problem !?

What the XML QUERY Working Group wanted something COMPLETELY different, aka, a QUERY LANGUAGE,
out of which XSLT isn’t one …. that’s all.

Fun  to see that those arguments don’t die even after 15 years :-)

I remember having those discussion on-line and off-line with James Clark… like a decade and a half ago !?? :-)

Actually, the first running implementation of the integration of XQuery and XPath parser was written by me and James
(both bitching about the “features” in other’s side..:-)

But overall, I think XSLT and XQuery ended up integrated pretty nicely, so it was worth the effort.

Best regards

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