[xquery-talk] xquery 3.1 wishlist

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Fri Jun 26 20:52:22 PDT 2015

> Yes I know that side of the story too (I think I read all the xquery
> mailing list discussion,

Dear David,

you read the mailing lists from W3C 1999-2000-2001. That’s great.

But I WAS there.

My XML query language (XML-QL ) — used by AT&T in a large number of applications--
……. triggered the W3C XML Query Languages Workshop, 
……..which in turn  triggered the creation of the W3C XML Query WorkIng Group.

You know why I am replying those “historical” questions !?

Because I am THE ONLY ONE from that time who still pays attention to this mailing list.
(don’t ask me why, because you’ll have along answer :-)

And I am the ONLY ONE who still knows the stories (and the motivations, visible in the minutes or not, for many decisions..).

Some of those stories are technically interesting.

Whoever wants to avoid repeating history  ….. has to learn history.

Best regards

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