[xquery-talk] [xml-dev] Query 3.1 vs. JSONiq WAS Re: MarkLogic using JSONiq for processing JSON ?

Adam Retter adam.retter at googlemail.com
Sun May 10 01:27:02 PDT 2015

> To answer your last question, there is a typescript implementation of
> JSONiq that started here: https://github.com/wcandillon/jsoniq.
> It will be interesting to see the reception in the NoSQL and HTML5
> community when this project will be a bit more mature.
> It implements JSONiq updates and update composition on top of
> IndexedDB. The end goal is to query/update IndexedDB and implement a
> versioning system between IndexedDB and the cloud. Compiled queries
> can run as standalone JavaScript programs: it's very lightweight.
> It is tested against both browsers and nodejs.

That's awesome and exactly the sort of good fit for JSONiq that I
expected to be adopted by the JavaScript community.

I wondered in terms of JSONiq support whether it is possible to do
without IndexedDB, i.e. just be able to query JSON files and/or JSON
coming in over the http (via AJAX and WebSockets etc)?

Out of interest, regards Node.js, what do you use for the IndexedDB?

> This implementation is 100% organically grown.  We started with an
> XQuery parser in JavaScript for HTML5 editors. We then added static
> analysis for errors and warnings (XQLint). XQLint is quite mature now
> and the next logical step was to add a code generation step.

I wish you all the best with this project. I hope it gets the
attention it deserves from the JavaScript community. I will be
interested to see how it goes...

Adam Retter

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