[xquery-talk] my answer to my "MarkLogic's support for JSON" question

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Mon May 11 17:56:55 PDT 2015

After a little bit of Googling, it seems that the answer to my question is much sillier then I originally thought.

MarkLogic queries/processes JSON (potentially TB or more of JSON data)… through….well... Javascript.

Well, as a “data scientist” (hey, everyone else is one, why not me :-), I am speechless.

I knew that companies with good marketing and expensive sales who play golf can sell all kinds of BS to their customers.

But still, that’s talking your database customers for total idiots.


Dear MarkLogic people, dear Gary Bloom (CEO of MarkLogic), did I understand correctly that Javascript is your answer  !!!????


If I didn’t get it wrong, and that’s what you currently do, you obviously NEED to do something else.

And I can see only three possible choices for you:

1. You use XQuery 3.1. as it is designed by an esteemed and very nice W3C committee.
 Seems like a bad choice, as the JSON-only people will hate it — see the previous discussion, but not as bad as Javascript.

2. You “make up” your own JSON query language.  
Good luck with that. Sounds an even worse choice then the previous one.

3. You use JSONiq. 
That you would be smart and without any problems (JSONiq is an open specification, so by all means, please do), but in this case, 
please be intellectually honest and admit it publicly.

Best regards, (and oh, apologizes in advance to the MarkLogic's lawyers who must pull their hairs out 
trying to figure out how to answer my emails … sorry !)


P.S. MarkLogic, when you take yourself so seriously as to “We are the leaders in the NoSQL  world..”, blah, blah, please remember the saying
“with great authority come great responsibility”. At least the responsibility to be intelligent in technical choices.

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