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Elarrat, EFC eduardoelarrat at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 01:49:01 PDT 2005

Ok folks, first, I would like to thank you all for all those messages I 
received as replies for my first question. I'm here to say that I already 
read some xquery pages and tutorials etc. and also to say that I chose 
xquery to work with because of my final work at the university, which I'm 
planning to do with a little help of yours (hehe), not with tasks to do, but 
with questions which are going to help me a LOT, as it already did on the 
question before...anyway. I'm already used to develop with java, and thats 
why I chose Saxon to work with.
 I already learned how to compile a query, and yeah, I already ran my first 
xquery with java! (claps). So, for now on, I'm just breaking on "the 
process" with my novice skills on building FLWOR expressions, and one 
problem I had when I was reading all the pages you guys sent me, it was with 
the limitations of the processor. For example, I read that with galaxy I can 
use If, Else etc. But I also read that with Saxon, I don't have this kind of 
 So, I what I really would apreciate from you is some documents explainning 
examples with FLWOR expressions, but with Saxon 8.5b. And maybe, you could 
help on building my own FLWOR expressions on the future. I hope you don't 
mind about what I'm asking for, I know it's too much, but if anyone could 
give a hint about it, I'd be very thankful. And sorry for my english, I'm a 
little rusty.
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