[xquery-talk] XQuery on the Middle Tier - a REST Approach using XQJ

Jonathan Robie jonathan.robie at datadirect.com
Fri Jan 20 09:41:05 PST 2006

There is progress, but it is slow. I didn't mention it in the article, 
but the XQJ examples I gave are based on EDR 1, the most recently 
published draft, which came out in mid-2004. I believe we will see 
another draft soon. I'm not on this Expert Group, but my understanding 
is that they intend to release a final version shortly after XQuery 
becomes a Recommendation.

XQJ is being developed under Java Community Process as JSR 225. Andrew 
Eisenberg and Jim Melton are the spec leads - if you want to get 
involved, you should probably contact them.


Martin Probst wrote:

>On an unrelated note: the article mentions XQJ (at least in the servlet
>name) - is there any progress on that group? The last public result is
>from 09 Jul, 2004. X-Hive would surely be interested in finding some
>common grounds.

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