[xquery-talk] if statement inside FLWOR-expressions

Wendell Piez wapiez at mulberrytech.com
Fri Aug 22 15:50:53 PDT 2008

Hey Andrew,

At 07:02 AM 8/22/2008, Andrew Welch wrote:
> > Nope, it's intentional.  Without the reply-to header you get some emails
> > accidentally mailed privately and when it happens people post 
> them publicly.
> >  No big harm, easy to fix.  With the header you get some emails that were
> > meant for private consumption that get accidentally mailed publicly.  Can
> > cause harm, impossible to rectify.
>hmmm so the reason everyone has go to through the hassle of first
>realising they've not replied to the list and then sending it again
>(not to mention the loss to the archives), is all because some people
>might send something publicly that was meant to be private??
>Surely not...
>Other lists (such as the xsl-list) are reply-to-list and that's doing
>just fine, no harm so far (in the 8 or so years I've been on there.

Heh. As it happens, xsl-list has from time to time seen messages not 
intended for the list. On more than one occasion (though not 
frequently), the list owner (who works down the hall from me) has 
even received frantic messages from embarrassed or irate users 
requesting that their publicly-posted messages be retracted. As if.

(Admittedly, these are not always because they've mistakenly replied 
on-list when they thought they were off-list. Once, IIRC, it was 
because the person didn't want to be archived asking a question, on 
the theory that future prospective employers might discover it. 
Apparently, such are the perils of list ownership, which seems to be 
a job somewhere between a kindergarten teacher and a janitor.)

So, I'm afraid there's no right answer, just strong feelings, and 
Jason has to be allowed to do it the way he wants.

FWIW, personally I agree with you. People learn to work with 
reply-to-list, and then it's a considerable convenience.


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