[xquery-talk] [Announce] BaseX 4.0

Christian Grün christian.gruen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 23:38:43 PST 2008

Yes, handling of namespaces is still a weak spot in BaseX (most of the
missing XQuery TestSuite results are due to that). The open issues
should be fixed in the next release.

I overlooked that the mails were directed to the mailing list, so I'm
forwarding my answers below..

Feel free to ask for more,


Dear Elliotte,

> 1. It seems to be written in Java so one presumes its platform
> independent. Is that true?

Yeah, BaseX is completely Java based (version 1.5) and uses no
additional libraries, so it should run on most systems supporting Java
(we've tested the application on Windows, Mac, Linux and OpenBSD

> 2. What size database can this handle?

We've successfully created databases for XML documents up to 40 GB
(MedLine, XMark). Most main memory is needed for the creation of the
optional indexes, so the limit mainly depends on the available RAM.

> 3. Does it support the XQuery API for Java?

We're currently working on XQJ, so it should be supported in the next
major release.

Hi Kevin,

yes, you got us - the support of namespace is still somewhat buggy.
The remaining issues should be fixed soon; in the meanwhile, feel free
to try our latest downloadable version:


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