[xquery-talk] JSON query processing

Adam Retter adam.retter at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 15 08:10:39 PDT 2011

>> > Last I looked (which was a while ago), they did not have
>> > any standard means of specification (like XSD), so that needs to be
>> > fixed.
>> Why, you dont need schemata in JavaScript for you object notation, the
>> JSON itself is both the definition of the shape and the shape itself
>> (content).
> Schemas are useful for tools, like data transformation tools. If you have a
> service that requires JSON and you wish to map other data to it's call or
> return values, then it's useful to describe what the service consumes and
> produces in some way so that you can graphically create a mapping. With XML
> you can do this by having the XSD. However, even with XML this is a problem
> with many REST services as they don't have a means of providing the schemas.

How about WADL + XML Schema?

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