[xquery-talk] XQuery 3.0: formatting integers (2)

Yoshi Okamoto yoshiokamoto at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 10 08:43:51 PST 2013

Dear readers (2),

my impression is that it may be too early to test fn:format-integer(), because the returned values of all implementations I have tested so far seem to remain unpredictable. Indeed, I believe I have managed to bring the tested implementations together in all possible combinations! Two other examples that I want to present:

Query 1:

  format-integer(-1, '1;o')

The results are:

* xMLPrime: -1st
* Saxon, BaseX, Zorba: error

I believe that XMLPrime's result is correct (?).

Query 2:

  format-integer(-1, '1o')

The results are:

* xMLPrime, Saxon: -1
* BaseX, Zorba: -1st

Here, I would have expected an error, because, following the specification, the string contains no semicolon, and '1o' does not match the pattern '^((\p{Nd}|#|[^\p{N}\p{L}])+?)$'. But I am afraid I may be so wrong?


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