[xquery-talk] Does XQuery fit anywhere in this landscape.

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I had discussions with Michael Stonebreaker for 20 years about about the fact that
XML “exists” or not. With Jim Gray too, before he disappeared. They were both extremely
supportive for me, yet were both thinking that I am crazy to waste my research career on XML.

Stonebreaker’s  opinion: he doesn’t believe that XML “exists” in industry.

So he will not mention it, because it doesn’t exist :-)

But you have to remember that Stonebreaker is a database person. Probably he will not
understand the facet of XML which is “XML as documents”. It took me and the other database 
people involved in XQuery years before we swallowed it. (Don Chamberlin of SQL fame
famously once said “who in the world would care about such a corner case as mixed content !?").

Don’t blame the database people that they don’t “get” XML. On one hand, it has never been explained
to them properly.

And again, Stonebreaker, being a database person, he will look at “XML as data” aspect of the story.
And this today is INDEED non-existing in industry, or almost. Or, when t is, it is mostly for log analysis.


JSON will completely change the landscape, in surprising ways, that none of us can predict.

And no, I trust that Michael Stonebreaker is too smart to believe that SQL is a solution to process JSON.

But time will tell.

Best regards

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> By implication it puts the kibosh on SQL as the basis of a solution for  the future.
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