[xquery-talk] Does XQuery fit anywhere in this landscape.

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There is a big trend now to build Web Application using APIs. This seems like a much better idea than building HTML from XML with XQuery.
These APIs are usually REST apis (i.e. the URL encodes query parameters) with JSON as output.
So the data for these APIs can come from a JSON database and REST calls can be translated into JSONiq.
And the data needs to be prepared, sometimes it needs to go through a number of stages. Each of that stage could also be done with JSONiq.

The application then is a heavy client, build in some .js framework, and its runs queries against the API and is responsible only for the presentation layer.

A lot of people are content with MongoDB to store the JSONs. So a killer use-case needs to look beyond dumb storage of JSONs. Maybe focus on the
preparation/transformation/cleaning/merging stuff.

> On 24 Jun 2015, at 19:03, Michael Kay <mike at saxonica.com> wrote:
>> Look to history. How did relational databases supplant CODASYL. Firstly the biggest fish in the pond IBM had a product and backed the technology to the hilt. Then there was a sustained and successful campaign initiated by Codd and Date but grew momentum to differentiate between a proper relational database and a database that just had a relational veneer. 
> But the biggest factor was probably that the move to minicomputer architecture created a discontinuity that forced people to consider change. You need to do two things: convince people that the new technology is better (or at least, is cool), and give them a big kick up the backside to get them out of their comfort zone.
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