[xquery-talk] Does XQuery fit anywhere in this landscape.

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On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 12:30 PM, Pavel Velikhov <pavel.velikhov at gmail.com>

> A lot of people are content with MongoDB to store the JSONs. So a killer
> use-case needs to look beyond dumb storage of JSONs. Maybe focus on the
> preparation/transformation/cleaning/merging stuff.
> >
> > But the biggest factor was probably that the move to minicomputer
> architecture created a discontinuity that forced people to consider change.
> You need to do two things: convince people that the new technology is
> better (or at least, is cool), and give them a big kick up the backside to
> get them out of their comfort zone.
> >
> > Michael Kay
> > Saxonica
> >

 The data prep/transformation/cleaning/merging stuff is currently the
domain of R and Python.

R because thats what the statisticians like and (if you will see if you
watch the R Good Bad and Ugly presentation I posted) they are not going to
change. Unfortunately they are being sheepishly followed by
non-statisticians. The non-statisticians who could change this - the
software people - are for the most part saying I don't care if R sucks for
data management and  I don't care that I am not a statistician, working
with R will help me get a sexy data science job. QED.

With Python you have the same issue but with the additional twist that it
is revered for being Swiss Army knife for devs and data scientists. This is
another one of those situations where the industry inverts common sense and
transforms what should ordinarily be a handicap into a virtue.

Ok so you go to the restaurant, place your order and they bring your food.
How many of you are now going to reach into your pocket and eat it with


So there is a very challenging people issue to overcome

Technically there would need to be a streaming capability so that
XQuery/JSONiq is not the part of the pipeline that barfs when fed a large
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