[xquery-talk] xquery 3.1 wishlist

daniela florescu dflorescu at me.com
Fri Jun 26 10:48:13 PDT 2015

Hi Wouter,

> Functions like array:index-of and array:for-each (called map in many more languages) feel off to me in xquery because of their resemblance to javascript, but with slightly different semantics.

See my original complaints about a month ago about the design of XQuery 3.1, which was done
as if JSON and Javascript never existed…..and the one you bring up is only ONE kind of inconsistency.

Three years ago when I was bringing this kind of inconsistencies to the attention of XQuery WG, and all
the troubles they will bring LATER if we add maps to XQuery while ignoring JSON, Sharon Adler who was 
running the XSLT WG    decided that it was a good  idea to forbid me from the WG…… and forbid my phone 
calls to the WG…..

Well. Water under the bridge now.

>  this is actually why I would like my wishlist to be considered.

The important question for you is : you would like your opinion to be considered by WHO !??

Is the XQuery WG the right forum ?

I am not sure, as their mandate does not include proper JSON support.

But if not XQuery forum, then WHO should be concerned with this more “global” , smoother integration !??

The integration between XSLT and XQuery was in some sense simpler, because we were very focused
communities, with strict rules imposed by W3C, with a common goal: XML.

JSON and Javascript are not that….unfortunately.

XML and JSON communities are like water and oil….

So, who would like to be considered BY !??

(I wish I knew the answer to that question …)

Best regards

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