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Fri Jun 26 14:34:52 PDT 2015

Hi Dana,

Thanks for your elaborate response. It's the first time I post to this
list, so it's more of a trail by fire, and I expected nothing less. I can
only say that I rather address this community than javascript's, because I
expect it to be less sensitive to buzz, and more pliable, since the ink of
the specs is barely dry.

As to who in particular should consider my ideas, I don't know, I'm just
hoping for a discussion, because AFAICT this isn't set in stone yet.


Op vrijdag 26 juni 2015 heeft daniela florescu <dflorescu at me.com> het
volgende geschreven:

> Hi Wouter,
> > Functions like array:index-of and array:for-each (called map in many
> more languages) feel off to me in xquery because of their resemblance to
> javascript, but with slightly different semantics.
> See my original complaints about a month ago about the design of XQuery
> 3.1, which was done
> as if JSON and Javascript never existed…..and the one you bring up is only
> ONE kind of inconsistency.
> Three years ago when I was bringing this kind of inconsistencies to the
> attention of XQuery WG, and all
> the troubles they will bring LATER if we add maps to XQuery while ignoring
> JSON, Sharon Adler who was
> running the XSLT WG    decided that it was a good  idea to forbid me from
> the WG…… and forbid my phone
> calls to the WG…..
> Well. Water under the bridge now.
> >
> >  this is actually why I would like my wishlist to be considered.
> The important question for you is : you would like your opinion to be
> considered by WHO !??
> Is the XQuery WG the right forum ?
> I am not sure, as their mandate does not include proper JSON support.
> But if not XQuery forum, then WHO should be concerned with this more
> “global” , smoother integration !??
> The integration between XSLT and XQuery was in some sense simpler, because
> we were very focused
> communities, with strict rules imposed by W3C, with a common goal: XML.
> JSON and Javascript are not that….unfortunately.
> XML and JSON communities are like water and oil….
> So, who would like to be considered BY !??
> (I wish I knew the answer to that question …)
> Best regards
> Dana


W.S. Hager
Lagua Web Solutions
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